Jessica McConnell

Doing Your Laundry is Chic, Trust Me

In Diary, fashion on June 6, 2009 at 7:29 pm

When you live in a studio apartment and are afforded the luxury of a small walk-in closet, even if it doesn’t hold that much, you should never treat it like I do. I covet fashion, and therefore still have three other dressers, plus places for shoes all packed into my tiny hole of a living space. I vow to do my laundry more often but somehow, I end up opening my closet door each morning to a stack of dirty laundry that stands up to my waist. In between doing life things, getting my life together, and dealing with the people who cause drama in my life that it needs putting back together, why would laundry be a priority?

Today, I did the same thing I usually do. I opened up my closet door as linen skirts and boyfriend jeans tumbled onto my feet and I sifted through the massive pile of my spring/summer wardrobe. It’s never really ‘ok’ to wear clothes that smell like old socks to work or anywhere for that matter but I was too desperate.

Because of my lack of laundry doing, I was also forced to wear clothes that I never would have put together out that evening. Ugh. Not doing my laundry does usually cause me to look at other things in my wardrobe, things I thought I hated, were out of season, etc. and honestly, sometimes it’s a nice change of pace.  But in last night’s case, I ended up wanting to look chicer than words and in reality, I ended up looking like I was ‘trying’ to be chic and it failed miserably, ending with me being a drunk mess standing near Heinz Ward at the bar wearing a skirt my grandmother might own.

Moral of the Story: Do your laundry. You never know when NFL players will be standing near you.


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