Jessica McConnell

Diary of a Shopgirl

In Diary, Diary of a Shop Girl, fashion on August 6, 2009 at 10:34 am


If I haven’t told you already, I also work at a women’s consignment store on top of the boutique I work at regularly. I’ve been working there for about a year now and I swear, I’ve had some of the strangest encounters with people there than I’ve had in my real life.

A public transportation stop, aka bus stop, is directly outside our door, making us like a fly stuck on one of those sticky traps. Sometimes when I arrive in the morning, ‘they’ are waiting outside our door. The worst though, is when they tell you they were supposed to be at the grocery store across the street because they have no food but instead, they’re buying some unnecessary piece of jewelry. Hey, it’s not my fault if their 3 kids starve, right? From the wealthy to the welfare, to the crack addicts and wives of Jewish Rabi’s, the consignment store spares no one. And lucky for us- we cater to everyone. Including yesterday, when a collection of clothing we were going through was deemed, “A slut’s wardrobe.”

Covered in rhinestones and glitter, hankerchief tops, low-cut lingerie style tanks, the list goes on. She even had some witty t-shirts about boys. Shocking. I find out that this woman, who only wore slut-gear, married an uber rich man from Fox Chapel. So, because the ladies at the country club would never dare allow her to play golf in an Apple Bottoms halter, she brought them to us. How nice of her…

We sifted through slut clothes, pitching most of them, and realizing that yes, some of these things would sell in a heartbeat. There are others like her, presenting themselves as a hooker in order to snag any rich, idiotic man who only thinks with his eyes.

Note: The clothing described in this story should never be worn, at least not on a real date, and Halloween being the exception.


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