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Insert Cleavage Here

In fashion on August 1, 2010 at 6:14 pm


If you don’t have cleavage, you want it. If you have too much, you’d gladly give it to some A-cup waif.

Bottom line: Fashion has never made it socially acceptable to be a C-cup with curves. Meaning, unless you worked for Victoria’s Secret, you’d be unemployed by most major fashion houses, who in recent years have gravitated towards younger models with boyish figures. The clothes look amazing, as usual, which is the point anyway. But is it?

The majority of women purchasing clothing are not size 0, 17-year-old models. They’re career women with children and busy lives who are curvy and eat chocolate cake. Who then exercise like hell to work off the calories from that cake. These are real women who swoon over fashion and fall in love season after season but designers, over time, haven’t returned the dedication. Until now.

So bring on the sexy pin-up girl style. You should flaunt whatever you have because anything is socially acceptable now. Not only has our one true passion embraced it’s true customer but it’s making women feel prettier than ever by making beautiful clothing for Every Body. I will always  adore the fact that Marc Jacobs had an epiphany and pulled models like Elle Macpherson, Karolina Kurkova and Bar Refaeli for his Fall 2010 show for Louis Vuitton. His ode to the fifties breaths new life into house wife domestication with corsets and cleavage that’s not too sexy for everyday.