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Diary of a Shop Girl

In Diary, Diary of a Shop Girl, fashion on December 8, 2009 at 8:47 pm


Since I never expressly said, I ended up not taking the job at Saks Fifth Avenue…I decided, a commission only job was not what I had in mind when I said I’d try and find a “full-time” job. So instead, I’m back to working at my two jobs, thank God they loved me enough to take me back with my same hours and schedule. In the meantime, I’m working with a designer to help get her line of specialty bridal headpieces and veils, as well as trendy headbands, off to a good start. I’m looking forward to fashion shows and trade shows, where hopefully, she sells lots of merchandise!

Anyway, funny thing today…I’m at the consignment store, working of course, and despite the many unusual people who walk in and out, not including the junkies and drunks, I was most appalled today at a mispronunciation that left my jaw permanently glued to the floor. This woman walks in with 2 girls in tow. They perused every rack, the one with the blonde wig and missing tooth making my boss extremely nervous. One of the girls clearly hadn’t showered for days, her stench permeating everything she touched, including my precious designer clothing. As she picked up a pair of Antik denim jeans, I cringed. She later scoffed at the  price. She clearly needed new jeans though, because the ones she was wearing bared so much ass that you would’ve thought she was a celebrity gone bad in a tabloid. Unfortunately, this was no Britney Spears.

Her friend, who smelled much more pleasant, came up to the counter and asked me to see a backpack. So I pulled down the black nylon Prada and handed it to her. She turned to her platinum haired companion and asked, “What’s P-ur-aye-da?” I stopped all thought processes and just stared as the response was, “I think it’s designer, ain’t it?” She says this to me as if this is something normal that everyone asks. All I could manage to say was, “Prada.” I pronounced it properly and attempted to unhinge my jaw from the floor.

My job puts “being fabulous and broke” in true perspective for me and constantly tests my patience. If nothing else, it keeps things interesting and drama infused for sure.


Diary of a Shop Girl

In Diary of a Shop Girl, fashion on July 7, 2009 at 10:43 pm

Like so many of us shop girls, I’m underpaid. Even with a hint of commission to boost my paycheck every other week, sometimes it’s not worth the countless perfect bodies who are in constant denial that they’re actually as thin as they are. In all actuality though, they know this, but they look to us for assurance or for their own ego boost every other week. We’re a customer’s ‘commission,’ so to speak, whether they suffer from low self-esteem or simply can’t get enough of themselves. But in this one particular incident most recently, my assistance was not needed or wanted, in the case of a woman, no older than 30.

She was accompanied by an older man, one who appeared distinguished but who clearly feared losing his age. He was dressed in a Hawaiin printed button down shirt, one that reminded you of something from the Tommy Bahama collection. He paired it with khaki shorts and leather loafers. His full head of white hair and distinct tan did not indicate that he was visiting because I had seen his ‘type’ before. People underestimate the shop girl, as if we don’t really know what’s going on?

The woman he was with tiptoed through the sale racks after I told her they were 50% off but after he announced that she’d never find anything to fit her in a sale rack, meanwhile she was a size 4, she retreated upstairs while he relaxed further into the chair.

The woman, of Asian descent, spoke plain as day while in the comfort of the second floor. She did not flounce about or tip toe. She behaved like any other woman, choosing the things she liked, without asking permission. It was not until her trip back down the stairs that it was clear she had no say in what she wore, how she dressed, and most likely, anything for that matter.

The distinguished man with a tan flipped through her clothing and immediately said ‘no’ to several items, much to the dismay on her face. She ran back to the fitting room, looking like a child coming down off of a sugar high, being told she could not have any more candy. She was adorable. But upstairs she was beautiful and well-spoken, a woman. In front of this smug man she pranced about in the navy silk blouse and funky Free People dress, all of which he said no to, explaining why they didn’t look right on her. She barely spoke in front of him, just pouted, and peered at me behind dancing eyes and a girlish smirk that played upon her lips as she made her way back to try on yet another ‘no.’

The woman, clearly intelligent and of sound mind, knew when to put on a show and she did just as she was taught. Like I said, I have seen this before. And if she wasn’t ordered in the mail, then I’d be shocked.

It’s constantly appalling to see a woman in society being dictated to, and in boutiques, us shop girls see plenty of men with opinions who degrade their women. They think that just because they carry the wallet that it gives them a right to dismiss a woman’s way to make themselves feel and look beautiful. While clothing is not the main concern, it is one of the many signs that women are bearing the brunt of an unhealthy relationship. I cannot stress enough how much I wanted to reach out my hand to this woman and explain to her how as a size 4, there was not an inch of fat on her body and that despite this man’s ridiculous notions, that she looked good in everything she tried on. But alas, I did not, because after all, I’m just shop girl, right?