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Vogue Paris: 90 Years of Decadence

In fashion, Fashion News on October 3, 2010 at 1:41 pm

I had to post these links…

Feeling very inspired by the ultra luxe ambiance of this party, the pictures and thought processes behind the costumes are enough to make me fall in love with fashion again, even if I am surrounded by black and gold fever in the steel city.

Enjoy and as always, stay Absolutely Fabulous.,,


The September Issue

In fashion, Fashion News, Movies on August 8, 2009 at 11:10 am


If you’re reading my blog, chances are, you’re a Vogue reader. You unpatiently await for each month’s issue, especially September’s, to hit your mailbox so you can devour the advertisements, culture, witty antecdotes, and amazing photography. My guess is, you’ve already heard about the film ‘The September Issue’ as well, hitting theatres in New York City August 28th.

The film, by R.J. Cutler, will materialize the scenes we have all been imagining in our heads everytime we read Vogue-  Editor-In-Chief Anna Wintour and her staff creating our fall and winter fashion bible. We consistently bow down to the genius success of Wintour as she reigns over our fashion kingdom, one hand waving while the other holds her iconic pair of sunglasses.

So line up ladies, AND gents, because ‘The September Issue’ is here to curb our fashion appetites.

Turlington for Vogue, Stone for W

In fashion, Fashion News, Trends on July 19, 2009 at 12:33 pm

I love that for this month’s issues, W magazine and Vogue both used models in the industry, rather than celebrities. A veteran, Christy Turlington’s story is amazing and if you don’t already subscribe to the magazine you should go out and pick up a copy. It’s the age issue and she was the perfect choice for 40: She’s a modern day Mom, elegance and glamour aside, and she’s accomplished. Working her way through school at Columbia to better herself, her family, and to fight for pregnant mother’s who receive little to no health care.


And W? Lara Stone is “Fashion’s It Girl.” Simply said. And if you’re unaware of the radiance she brings to her work, you should absolutely pick up a copy of W and get familiar because we may be seeing her for the long run…


Models have consistently graced our runways and even the majority of ad campaigns. But it’s been a long time since we’ve seen them on the cover of magazines. Models stopped selling fashion and news and celebrities became the new selling point. For what it’s worth, the fashion industry has been there and back and despite the recent economic setback, they’re taking the long road home. But at least they’re on their way back, right?

A model doesn’t need a cover story, when did that start happening? We idolize the model for becoming a walking art form after wearing Jil Sander down the runway or escaping to the beach in a half nude D&G campaign for summer. We don’t know their families, eating habits, or favorite movies. They do their job, they do it well, and while the industry may scrutinize every inch of their bodies, WE do not. They’re still people. I once worked with a model who clearly had cellulite. She wore Spanx over her long, thin legs for that show, it wasn’t even necessary. Celebrities have spider veins, get acne, and they do eat pizza. And despite the in-tolerances of some in the industry, models do the same. And if they don’t, then perhaps they should think about getting out. It’s the model’s distinctiveness, not necessarily their beauty that we covet. It’s their ability to go home at night and lead a life in the shadows after wearing $3,000 Chanel.

I love the comeback they’re making and I look forward to seeing more models ‘modeling’ clothes, because afterall, this is their industry, they aren’t a celebrity, they’re a MODEL.